1. What are vouchers/coupons?

You can redeem vouchers at checkout to enjoy special discounts on your order and even receive free products from time to time.

2. How to get vouchers/coupons?

“BE FAN” (you can find it at the footer of the product page)
Rate us at Google Plus, Tweet, Like us on Facebook or pin on Pinterest and get a 10% discount code, or
“Social Discounts” (you can find it after Sign in)
Share your personal invite link (you can see it after you clicked the button “Social Discounts”) to the social media websites or social bookmarking. You will get a 10% discount code if more than 10 people(must from different IP addresses) clicked your personal invite link.
You can also get discount code from our partners (Affiliate partners as example)

3. How can I redeem vouchers/coupons?

If you have already a user account on our website, and you received the voucher codes directly from us, the voucher codes will be displayed at checkout page, you just need to choose the code to redeem it.
If you received the voucher codes not directly from us (from our Affiliate partners as example) , you can enter the voucher code at checkout to enjoy a discount on your purchase.